Poster presentation in “Modernizmin Yerel Açılımları V” organized by DOCOMOMO, Turkey.

A poster presentation on Turkish Aeronautical Association Office Building located in Ödemiş, İzmir with Resarch Assistant Işıl Polat Pekmezci.


Building is located in Ödemiş, İzmir which is one of the first planned towns of the Republican Era. It was built in 1930’s and the surrounding neighborhood was later converted to a recreation area known as “Tayyare Park” today. It was planned as a 2 storey masonry building covered by a dome which is visible in the old photos. Later on, the dome structure was removed and an additional storey was constructed. The ground floor is established of an octagonal main space and four rectangular subsidiary spaces located symmetrically on the sides. The annex facing Mithatpaşa Caddesi serves as the entrance. The main space is two storeys high and enclosed by a gallery on the upper level. From gallery level, there are two staircases leading to the first floor spaces and terraces. On the first floor, the office rooms are located in the octagon rising over the main space on the ground floor. A timber stair was embedded in one of the first floor spaces to reach the additional storey. The additional storey is also made of timber. The building has plain façades whereas the entrance façade was decorated by means of profiles and ornaments.

Today, the ground floor serves as a pastry shop and the upper floors which were used by Turkish Aeronautical Association until recently are vacant.

The polygonal plan scheme, the monumental entrance door and the wide concrete canopies are the remarkable features of the building. However, the additions due to the new function, curtains the authentic interior details of the ground floor. The humidity and structural problems of the concrete canopies are also prominent.


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