Master Thesis: Restoration project of row houses with door no:14-16-18-20-22 located on Ayan Street in Balat, İstanbul

The row houses, studied in this work, are located on Ayan Street in Balat with the apartment numbers 14, 18 and 22. Like many buildings in this part of the city, the construction period of the buildings is not exactly known but may be dated at the end of the nineteenth or at the beginning of twentieth centuries. Further more there is no information about the architect nor the establishers. The literature work and the interviews made with the local residents lead us that around the construction period of those buildings, although there was a domination of Jewish community from the demographic point of view in Balat, there were many “Rum[1]” families as residents living specially in this part of the quarter. Due to the close distance between the apartments and the Orthodox Church – school of the “Rum” community, there is a great possibility that the buildings were owned by “Rum” minority.

There are other buildings in the plot on which the row houses stand; a structure formed by 5 houses and another building which is standing alone. From the point of integrity there is a possibility that those buildings had been related to the structure focused in this work.

The most maintained unit comparing with the other parts of the structure is the unit with door number 22. The interventions made in 1999 destroyed almost all original details of the house with door number 14, except the form of external facades. Nowadays all the apartments are in bad condition, rented forming an independent habitation at each floor level and loosing its authentic construction details due to the necessity of minimum comfort level and neglect.

The structure was intentionally chosen for this study in order to make a contribution to the project of “Rehabilitation Project of Balat and Fener”, but unfortunately due to the ownership problems of the real estate and the opposition of “owners”, the structure is out of project.

The aim of this study is to document the existing condition of the structure, to enlighten the past of the building using the information gained during the literature work, to decide future function and finally to obtain the interventions for the restoration work.

[1] Greek of Turkish citizenship. “Redhouse Sözlüğü, s:963, 1998, 16.basım.”


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