Botter Apartment

Work: Preparation of the materials, damages mapping and conservation project with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ersen

Botter Apartment is the first example of Art Nouveau movement in İstanbul. The building is designed by the italian architect  D’Aranco in 1900. The owner of the building was J. Botter who was the official tailor of the imperial palace. The building is located in Asmalımescit district of Beyoglu, İstanbul. It is listed as a historical building of 1st degree.

The limestone facade of the building was suffering mainly of the formation of black crusts and surface erosion of various depth. Two types of limestones are used in the facade. The soft limestone is principally used  in the decorated parts of the facade. The aim of the study was to characterize the materials used in the facade, to understand the alteration mechanisms and propose conservation tretments in order to slow down the deterioration of the materials. The mapping of the materials and damages are prepared and laboratory experiments were carried out on the samples taken from the altered and sound part of the facade. The whole data obtained by these observations and experiments are used to establish the conservation treatment.

Materials mapping

Alteration mapping

Conservation Project

Other Photos


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